Airwork: A History Book by Keith McCloskey

Available from

The History Press

Airwork: A History Book available from The History Press

Airwork: A History Book

Published: 2012-11-15

ISBN: 9780752479729

This is the first book to give the full history of this influential aviation company. Airwork was formed by two men with a passionate interest in flying: Alan Muntz and Nigel Norman, they set out to create one of Britain's foremost aviation organisations. They built the first private airport in the UK at Heston in 1928 and went on to assist in the formation of national airlines in Egypt, Sudan, Rhodesia and India as well as the forerunner of Germany's Condor Flugdienst.

During the war and in the Post-War years, Airwork gained many military training and maintenance contracts as well as expanding into civil freight and military and civil charters. Airwork became the largest private UK airline by the late 1950s before it joined with Hunting Clan to become British United Airways.


This is a monumental piece of research that leaves no stone unturned in illuminating the history of one of Britain's great aviation companies. Author McCloskey includes all manner of details...... and McCloskey is to be congratulated for the work he has put in to make sure the company's contribution is recorded for posterity.

General Aviation Magazine
February 2013

...this is a lovingly and carefully complied work of reference; there is no doubt that the author has researched his subject deeply. If you want to know anything about a once prominent company this is indeed the place to look... ...this is a very useful guide and memorial to an all-but-vanished name and which fills a gap in our knowledge of British aviation history.

Ulster Airmail
January 2013

After three years of intensive research, no least delving into the private papers of the founders and interviews with former employees, the author, whose previous works include profiles of Scotland's major airports, has done an admirable job in uncovering a hitherto almost forgotten, yet once leading aviation company.

Complementing the comprehensive review of its myriad activities are a fine selection of rare illustrations. This substantial 30-plus chapter volume......should appeal equally to serious researchers, history buffs, and those who simply enjoy nostalgia from the golden age of British aviation.

Airways (US Magazine)
February 2013

This is a book full of fascinating facts and the author is to be congratulated for producing what must be the definitive history of Airwork.


Aeroplane Magazine
April 2013

The history of Airwork and its subsidiaries at home and overseas is quite complex and this work is the first major attempt to explain it. In general the author has succeeded in his task.


Croydon Airport Society
Summer Newsletter 2013